About Us

Our Mission

Our mission in Cheap Berber Carpetes is to satisfy our customers with the quality of our products.


At Cheap Berber Carpets we are dedicated to selling New and Vintage carpets to the public. Since our inception, we set out to bring our customers the best quality carpets at an affordable price.

We Make a Difference

On this website we have helped to revive the Tahreeri and Resheq two traditional weaving techniques of incredible beauty and has retained the Ma'ani Jordanian stitch

100% Artisan Carpets

Original Tapestries

In Cheap Berber Carpets We sell 100% handmade woven rugs made with looms and wooden spindles. In addition, the artisans embroider pieces of ornamentation with a traditional style and modern designs.

With us you will find the true traditional Moroccan embroideries that are of high quality, with handmade knots, which differentiates them from industrial copies.

Our Carpets

Our Carpets in Morocco represent a solid industry of the same. Ordinary looms are usually used, creating carpets that are usually smooth and woven. Embroidery is a technique that prevails among women (they are taught from a very young age, in fact teenagers embroider their trousseau). The best carpets are in Morocco, cover the New and Vintage market.

100% Handmade

Buy with us is very Simple

What do we offer?

We have a great variety of designs, sizes, models, presentations of original tapestries and 100% handmade embroidery