General questions

1Is it possible that at the time of purchase they help me with my order?
Yes. We have professional designers to help you. Please contact us with your questions and ideas and our designers can provide assistance at no charge.
2Are they really handmade?
Without a doubt. All our rugs are handmade. In our store you will find authentic hand knotted carpets for sale. Both New and Vintage.
3How secure are my payments?
Cheap Berber Carpets gives great importance to data security. Since, as part of the customer record you will be asked to provide some personal information. These data are necessary to process the contracts that will be made through Cheap Berber Carpets when you make a purchase. All these data will be stored in a secure and confidential way in our Database, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. To secure your data, online data is protected by advanced encryption techniques.
4How to get in touch with customer service?
If the question you were looking for has not been answered in this list of frequently asked questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail ( We will be happy to help you answer your questions.

Paqos and Shipments

1What are the types of Payments?
We currently accept the PayPal payment option.
2How to receive my products?
As a general term, the shipment will be made by us. We will notify you when the product leaves our center and we will give you a tentative date on which the order will be delivered. The existing furniture will not be handled at the delivery address.

Guarantees and Returns

All products that are purchased have a guarantee. From the date on which the product has been delivered. If the client asks for the guarantee but the defect is due to damage external to the product covered by the guarantee, the client will cover the possible repair costs.
2How do I return?
To make a return, you must personally contact us by email at, or through the Chat Online specifying that you want to make a return.
3 Who is responsible for the payment of the shipment in case of return?
You have 15 days to return it to count from the moment it has been delivered. Shipping costs are borne by the customer.
4What is the way to pack the carpets so they are safe at the time of shipment?
All our rugs are packed according to the instructions demanded by the shipping agency. The carpets are folded and a thick protective plastic is placed before being packaged and sealed in a custom-sized cardboard box.
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